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Conference Day 1

26 August 2019

Plenary talks

  1. Professor Brian Kennedy: Strategies to understand ageing

  2. Professor Laura Niedernhofer: Cell senescence

  3. Professor Albert Shaw: Aging and signatures of influenza vaccine response

  4. Professor Gary Ford: Clinical trial design to target ageing and multi-morbidity

  5. Professor William Ted Brown: Progress on Progeria (a human genetic model of premature aging)

  6. Professor Luigi Fontana: Nutritional modulation of metabolic and molecular pathways of ageing in humans

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Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

26 August 2019

6:00 PM: Dinner & Networking

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Conference Day 2

27 August 2019

Geroscience session

Dr Felipe Siera: Future issues for aging biology research

Plenary talks

  1. Professor John Sedivy: Somatic retrotransposition in cellular senescence and aging

  2. Professor Chris Proud:  Protein metabolism, ageing and lifespan

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Sydney Ideas
Living longer: why, and how?

27 August 2019

6:30 PM: Plenary talks


  • Professor Luigi Fontana, University of Sydney

  • Professor Brian Kennedy, National University of Singapore

  • Dr Felipe Sierra, National Institute of Aging

  • Professor Victoria Cogger, University of Sydney

For more information, visit the event page.

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Conference Day 3

28 August 2019

Plenary talks

  1. Professor Rafa de Cabo: Caloric restriction, fasting and aging

  2. Professor Rozalyn Anderson: Delayed aging by caloric restriction: New tricks from old monkeys

  3. Professor Glenda Halliday: Ageing and neurodegeneration

  4. Professor Susan Howlett: The biology of frailty: lesson learned from studies in naturally ageing mice​

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